Transmission and Distribution Maintenance

The WVWD Transmission and Distribution Maintenance Department maintains about 400 miles of transmission and distribution pipelines, responds to water emergencies and supports the development of capital improvement projects. 

Our maintenance staff are always prepared to respond to maintenance issues and emergencies.  The transmission and distribution department is responsible for about 400 miles of pipeline, 73 million gallons of storage capacity, 17 wells, 25 reservoirs, 12 booster pump stations and 7 water treatment facilities to treat and deliver over 15 million gallons of water per day to ratepayers. WVWD engages in proactive maintenance to prevent water service issues, ensure that water lines are in good condition and deliver water with suitable pressure and flow.

If you are planning on conducting an excavation on your property, you are required under California law to notify all utilities two days in advance of the excavation to allow for utility lines to be clearly marked to avoid any potential accidents. Please call 811 to report future excavations you intend to pursue. This is a zero-cost service that will prevent any potential service disruptions or accidents that could severely damage your personnel or property. Property owners are fully liable for any accidents that result from their failure to report an excavation. 


If you would like to report a leak or a water emergency, please contact the customer service department at 909-875-1804. If your call is received after business hours, your call will be transferred to our 24/7 operator, who will dispatch operations department personnel to promptly assess and resolve the water emergency.

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